Santa Cruz, CA - Wharf Camera

This picture is taken by a camera located on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, the camera faces east towards the Santa Cruz Wharf. The Wharf ("Don't call me a pier!") is a 3000 foot, dog leg right that has stood, in one incarnation or another, for 80 years. The wharf supports a variety of businesses and restaurants as well as a healthy population of California Sea Lions ("Don't call us seals!"). Between the camera and the wharf is one of the best spots to learn to surf this side of Waikiki. The low-tide surf at Cowells is soft and forgiving on all but the biggest swells and rides can be long and fun if you don't mind a crowd. If Cowells is too slow for you, the pace gets a little more hectic just around the corner at Steamer Lane. Something for everyone, just like Santa Cruz.

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