$1500 - Long Term Rental Wanted For Me and My Very Cool Dog. (santa cruz)

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Date: 2006-02-22, 9:31PM PST

A Dog And His Boy.

Hi! My name is Mike Walker and I am looking for an apartment in the Santa Cruz area for myself and my dog, Taxi.

Taxi and I are excellent tenants. We have enthusiastic references from previous landlords going back over a decade, excellent credit and we are ready to put them to work. We currently live temporarily on the west side but have outgrown Tiny House and need to move. I am 41 years old, I work from home as the CTO for a medium-sized NY-based company. I have been with the company for nearly three years, I work my ass off and my salary is ridiculous. Taxi is a 1 year old yellow Labrador, sweet as pie and loved very much. Taxi doesn't have an income, but I have agreed to pay his share. Taxi and I are both non-smoking, quiet and well behaved. Neither of us plans to have parties or dig in the yard. We both get along great with others of all ages.

I am looking for the following:

Location: It would be nice to have somewhere that Taxi and I can play nearby. Ideally we'd like to be a short drive from w/s or e/s beaches, we try to go to the beach twice a day to get Taxi's ya-yas out and daddy surfs when he can. Taxi says, "Maybe near some fun woods?" Daddy is not thrilled but understands the priorities have changed and says, "we'll see."
When: We are flexible. March or April would be perfect. I need to give 30 days notice here before moving.
Size: Studio, one or two bedrooms. Parking would be nice.
Rent: $800-$1500/mo (additional security deposit and pet deposit OK by me). I am happy to sign a monthly or yearly lease and will immediately setup automatic payments from the bank for the rent. Just pick a day!
Internet: A large part of what I do is Internet-based so I will need a place that qualifies for high speed service. I am perfectly happy to pay for and share this connection free of charge with you if you are in range of a wireless signal. I can also handle finding out about Internet service if you're not sure.
Credit/References/Financial: I can give you all relevant info with documentation or I can pay for a credit report (I have recent copies from all three companies + my FICO score). My credit is great, I am a reliable, happily employed, and have historically been a well-liked tenant. Taxi is reliable and also well-liked, but chronically unemployed. For this reason, we would rent under my name only.
Taxi: Taxi is a 1 year old Yellow Labrador. He is my constant companion and is never tied-out or left to roam. He is sweet, very well behaved and loved. I am proud to say every piece of poop that he has taken the time to make, I have taken the time to bag up. Someone (who knew not) accused him of digging a hole one time and it hurt his feelings. An old soul, that one.
Other (in no particular order): Maybe you have a cool view? Close to supermarket? (did I just say that, how old am I???) Do you have a porch? Washer and dryer? I am home 90% of the time and take Taxi with me when I go anywhere except to surf (Taxi don't surf). Some dog-friendly place nearby?

Thanks for reading this!

Taxi and I can be reached here:

Mike and Taxi Walker
107 Redwood St.
Santa Cruz, CA
ph: 831.454.0804 (anytime)
email: me

                  OK, we're outahere!