Walker (CIRCA 2004): Reduced to One Page and Six Pictures...with room left over!

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 39 (now 45! Still alive!!)
Occupation: Network Engineer
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Hometown: Amherst/Boston, MA
Interests: Biking, surfing, snowboarding, Frisbee, da beach, bands, Vegas Baby!, camping, road trips, bonfires, house parties, fish tacos, Red Sox on MLB.com, chillin'
Favorite Music: Beastie Boys, Reel Big Fish, Sprung Monkey, Drop Kick Murphys, Tree, Sally's Revenge, The Finer All Star Garage Band, Sublime, Public Enemy, EPMD, Jane's Addiction, My Addiction, Bad Religion, G Love Special Sauce, The Clash, Chili Peppers, Machine (1hit)
Favorite Books: Caught Inside, Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader, Common Ground, Building Multilayer Cisco Switched Networks, Cat's Cradle, A Walk In The Woods
Favorite TV Shows: Magnum PI, The Weather Channel, Sports Center, Hawaii Five-O (with Kono as Zulo), Frontline, Nova (Actually, no TV for 3 months - still surviving!)
Favorite Movies: A Christmas Story (", Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie...", ), Big Wednesday, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Snatch, Fargo, Endless Summer, Skillz To Pay The Billz, Usual Suspects, Champ, Friday, Bang The Drum Slowly, Bad News Bears
About Me: ...is this thing on? Can you hear me in the back? OK. I went to high school in Amherst (MA) but I have never lived anywhere for long (psych majors, pile-on). I have lived in Florida, Minnesota, Philly, Boston and, for the last 9 years, I have lived in California. First seven of those years were spent living la Vida So Cal Loco in Newport Beach before I moved up to the Mission District in San Francisco. After a few shootings, a lot of busses parked under my window and one minor assault, I moved down the coast a few miles to Santa Cruz where I live/work and surf. I work hard at work, I like my job and I have been moderately successful at it. I like to play after work, sometimes just as hard but I am finding other pursuits to be more fulfilling these days. My dog, Taxi and I enjoy snowboarding (he's a goofy foot), camping, surfing, bonfires, desert, mountains, Las Vegas, exploring off-road, good bands, watching a storm roll in. We like to drive to the desert and sleep on top of my truck, under the big sky, like Snoopy on the roof of his house. I like to explore the coast and travel on planes but I am not adverse to lounging in between. I'm a good cook. I wish I had a place to plant a garden and the urge to "make home" has been growing over the last few years. I'm trustworthy and I'm a good friend. I've read a few books and play a decent game of Jeopardy. I read the newspaper when time permits because I like to know what goes on in the world. I'd say I'm funny but everybody thinks they are funny (but I am funnier than them). I like to go to baseball games, but I won't bore you if you don't. I take good care of my body and mind. I can fearlessly mesh with various types of people. Having Taxi has opened my eyes a bit to the fact that I have become a little selfish over the last decade of fun. I compare my life (especially in SoCal) to eating frosting and I am now enjoying a little cake. Not sure what is next, but these days are good ones.
Who I Want to Meet: I like smart girls (not that I am a genius -- I like people smarter than me), quiet confidence is nice. Don't be afraid to take the last shrimp from the shrimp cocktail or get messy eating Buffalo wings. A positive outlook and a good sense of humor are a must but Pollyanna need not apply -- the world is too imperfect to be happy all the time. Get you feet dirty and don't wear shoes that you can't run in. Fish taco's at Wahoo's, dinner on the BBQ, once a month we can get all dressed up. Don't get upset at sentence fragments. Knowing what's going on in the world is a big plus. I am a good "toucher" and I'll play with your hair whenever you want. Not so sure about make-up, I don't have anything against it but the girls I like usually don't use it too much. PIease don't stare at yourself in every window we walk-by. You are beautiful. I like to surf but you don't have to, in fact, maybe better if you don't! If you're a little weird, I'll probably like you. I can always be trusted.


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