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This view is from the deck of my buddy MC Blend's house in Dana Point CA. The camera's view is of the 5 freeway and the hills of DP. Long time WalkCam fans will remember MC Blend as the proprietor of the Beach Blend Coffee Shop and home of one of the first WalkCam setups. A decade later, the Beach Blend has closed and faded from Newport Beach's short memory, but you can still visit the BB website for a taste of life back in the day. If you would like to drop MC Blend a line, you can do so here and I will pass along, but before you waste too much time, he is married and he will not clean the lens for you or suggest cute places to stay while you are in town. Caveat Emptor.

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Welcome to the Live Camera Page! This webpage is the electronic descendant of the somewhat famous WalkCam Page that has graced this space for nearly 10 years. The current incarnation of the webpage uses StarDot's webcams to allow virtual tourists to check the action in Newport Beach (my former home), Santa Cruz (my current home), NYC (my office), or all three, from high above. If you want to learn more, please start with the F.A.Q., a virtual clearinghouse of information about the cameras and the WalkNet site. In the F.A.Q., you will find everything you would ever want to know about the author and the history of the other cameras that were part of the original WalkCam Page. In the Archives, you will find pictures that have been taken by those cameras. If you would like to make your visit more permanent, please take a minute to sign the brand-new Guestbook. If you have any other reason to contact me (old girlfriends, pending litagation, unclaimed money, etc), please drop me a spam-free email here. In any case, thanks for visiting and enjoy the views.

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